Ubisoft’s ex-Division developer boss joins PlayerUnknown Productions

Polfeldt was managing director of Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment for 12 years. He left the company earlier this year in March, as he felt that he wasn’t “the right manager for what the studio has become”.

During his tenure at Massive Entertainment, Polfeldt worked on many of its leading titles and was part of the teams in charge of the delayed Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and a mysterious open-world Star Wars project.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, founder of PlayerUnknown Productions, said he has “been a fan of David’s work for some time”, and released the following statement via his studio.

“After chatting with David at a conference last month, we concluded that David would be a great fit to come and advise me on creating a successful studio culture with a great working environment.”

On joining the studio, Polfeldt stated he is “delighted to join the team at PlayerUnknown Productions, where I will help guide Brendan’s hand in creating an authentic studio and a successful brand”.

PlayerUnknown’s current projects include Melba, a new engine, and Artemis, a massively-multiplayer sandbox experience.